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8/1. 2:43am. Current thoughts.

- competitive cooking/fashion design shows make me happy. I also like watching the Behavior Bureau with Dr. Drew
- I think I’m happy. I’ve found a purpose. Purpose fuels passion which in turn fuels excitement for one’s life.
- I’m all about good vibes. I want to reach out and make others feel good. I think I’m more equip for making myself feel better when I explain to myself why my thoughts are irrational.
- I have a supportive dad. Not everyone does, I understand that. I’m grateful. Some lines from tonight’s talk that made me feel good were “You’re going to be okay” and “I just want you to do something in your life. Do what makes you happy.”
- I want to live in the city of overcast days and good coffee. Be a healer. Really touch clients’ lives. Not just be a bullshit therapist who doesn’t do much but still expects the bill. I’m the queen of empathy! Let me show you.

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I’ve got so many thoughts and have debates in my head that I actually speak them aloud and pretend I’m responding to someone in an actual debate in front me. Yes, I talk to myself. I’m weird. :p